Regardless of what business you are in, the best challenge that you face is that of attracting prospects to your site. That's how valuable it is to put up your own professional business site. Every gourmet caterer should have an online presence. Here are five things that have to be considered from the perspective of a caterer:

First aspect to consider is pictures from catering websites. This is particularly important for the sample menus. Whatever cuisines you are offering, it should have pictures to catch the interest of possible customers. You have to be aware though that with too many photos, the site can get very slow. That's why you have to gain knowledge of resolutions and pixels for every image you upload. A professional web designer is better consulted about this.

You should also put up a list of some recipes that you like to offer. They may be different from what you offer. Just make sure that they are unique and interesting. All you have to do is to browse on the net and you'll certainly find interesting ones. You have to keep updating the list since this is the best way to catch the visitors' attention. At first they might have not decided to contact you for catering services but if they stay longer on your site, you'll have better chances.

Samples are great come-on for customers. You can offer free samples of the house's specialty dishes. They can visit your store to taste the samples but of course for certain conditions. The conditions or terms for tasting should be set or else your store will be brimming with unwelcome visitors. For more facts and information about home builders, you can go to

It's also necessary to create a professional portfolio for the caterer. Customers are always particular about the credentials of the caterer and even his or her former clients. This will help them check into the caterer's reliability and professionalism. It's even better if this information can be verifiable for the possible customers. It's a plus factor for the caterer.

Licenses and permits and even affiliations and certifications are important things to be displayed on the site. The same goes for awards of excellence that can build up the image of the catering service. Catering website design always require licenses and inspections. You can make use of these to promote your business. After all, these are proofs that your business is legal and it is adhering to all laws.


Remembering that you are in the food industry and cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation are a must.